Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kim N' Cath Bags Tags

So one of the things I've been working on lately, besides creating new things for the Cutter's Creek Design Team (see the link on my page to check it out) is creating some tags for my husband's cousin's wife's business, Kim N' Cath Bags. Look 'em up on Facebook, the bags they create are just gorgeous! I am a proud owner of al wallet created by Kim! Anyway, these tags were created with scraps from previous projects to keep with the company's theme of recycling. Kim and Cathy both use fabrics that began their life as something else. And just like every bag or wallet they create, each tag is "you-nique"! I've really enjoyed making these tags and I hope you enjoy looking at them!


Jeane said...

3 more really CUTE ones!!! Oh no, so many to choose from, will Kim 'n Cath be able to decide? They may just have to take them all.

Kimberly said...

UMM, Yes, I am taking them all. I absolutley love what Mandie has done for us. She has totally captured our look, and yes, recycling/scraps theme.