Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Cricut Gala and a few more projects

For anyone wondering if Provo Craft knows how to throw a party I can say, "YES! They sure do!" They rented the Louvre ballroom for the Gala and after checking everyone in we found ourselves in a room with waiters passing fancy finger foods and delicious drinks on silver trays. Of course, I headed straight for the bar... to get a bottle of water! All of that walking around CHA and to and from hotels and the bus really makes a girl thirsty! I also grabbed a beer for after I was done chugging that ice cold water... then we mixed and mingled and ate the fancy finger foods (I even had Tuna Tartar... and if you know me you know I DON'T eat RAW fish) and got a super cute airbrushed tattoo. After about an hour they opened up some doors and led us all into another room to watch a short video about the new Cricut Imagine and showed them giving a couple away to some VERY deserving individuals. I know others have the videos posted on their blogs so I'll tell you about the fun stuff! For our evening's entertainment they had artist David Garibaldi paint several portraits for everyone, including the famous Cricut himself! It was so much fun! Then after that they announced goodie bag time had come and inside each bag was a T-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and one of the brand new Cricut Cartridges (I traded so I could end up with the new Happy Hauntings one)... oh yeah, AND A CERTIFICATE FOR A NEW CRICUT IMAGINE!!!! I am sooooooo psyched to be getting one of these machine and to be one of the 1st! Woo Hoo!!!

This is me outside of the super secret Cricut Circle room at CHA. Inside they had books of cuts made with the latest super secret cartridges... lets just say some Pixar fans will be happy soon. They didn't allow any photos but they didn't say I couldn't share the news... just to be safe I won't go into details though :)

I also want to share a few more of the project ideas from the show. Sorry my photos aren't that great, I borrowed a smaller camera so I didn't have to lug my huge one around all day and the setting were... interesting... Anyway, I think this owl banner is super cute. It was hanging on the podium on the stage. You could use it at the party that you sent these invitations for....

Aren't these adorable? Makes me want to throw a "Hoot"-inanny!

I thought this project was fantastic! The colors in this photo aren't quite right, there is a greenish cast to it... but everything on this was printed and cut with the Cricut Imagine, well, except the ribbon... maybe that will be the next next big thing, a ribbon machine, LOL! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these peeks into the newest machine. I will be posting a lot more once I get the Imagine in my hot little hands!

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Disneypal said...

Wow! Thanks for the review of the gala. I'm so glad you got to go and especially excited that you are going to get an Imagine. That is quite a give-a-way. See...being in the circle DOES have its rewards. (I'm in the circle too but was not able to go to CHA). I'm very happy though for you and the others that were able to attend.

So you hinted at more Pixar cartridges, huh? my mind is whirling - wonder what it could be?

Great review - thanks !!