Friday, July 30, 2010

Cricut Imagine at CHA pics!

Oh my gosh! CHA was a BLAST! Saw so many exciting new products but my FAVORITE was the new Cricut Imagine from Provo Craft! I was also lucky enough to attend the gala but I'm saving those pics for tomorrow's post...

Anyway, I received the press release from Provo Craft with the details about their newest machine called the Cricut Imagine. If you want to check out the details, check the post before this one! At the show the had lots of samples of things they had made with the Imagine and I snapped lots of pictures...

This 1st photo is one of the images from the booth. It was one of my favorites and was hanging from the ceiling. Because of the size I know it wasn't actually printed on the Imagine but I wanted to show some of the cute artwork that will be on the cartridges!

This next photo is a picture of an adorable box that the image was print and cut using the Imagine. All of the layers were flattened into one image. If you want to, you can separate all of the elements and pop them up with some Pop Dots and add a TON of dimension. The reason printing your own is better than just buying a die cut is that you can print and cut this at ANY size from 1/4" up to 11 1/2"!

This is a box with all of the layering done on it. All of the patterned papers you see were made with the Imagine! When I had first walked by the booth I thought, "I wonder where they got the adorable papers to make that?" Then when I heard the presentation I was floored that every element (except the ribbon) was made with the Imagine!

Here is another great project that really shows the layering! And who doesn't love Cupcakes? From what I understood during the presentation, you can actually make these any of the colors on your cartridges or plug in the RBG values to custom co-ordinate with any of the major manufacturers papers!

This last photo is my favorite! Yes, those are stuffed dolls!!!! I met the man (yes, I said man) who made them and he laughed when I told him I LOVED those dolls! He used transfer paper to print the images on so that he would be able to have enough fabric around the images to create the dolls. Aren't they adorable???

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