Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Thursday: Part 1

In the Provo Craft world today is Hello Thursday, the day when they show all of the new release cartridges! Even though I am in the Cricut Circle and have see ALL of the new ones, I'm going to share the ones that you can currently see on the website. I figure I'm not giving anything away if it is publicly available.... So with out further ado, here are the newest Cricut cartridges from Provo Craft:

Baby Steps
I think this one is so cute! What a great addition to the New Arrival cartridge. I am looking forward to adding this to my collection as I still have a TON of baby pics to print, let alone scrap!

Kate's ABCs

I am so in love with the cartridge. The sister to Nate's ABCs (from last Hello Thursday) this is also on my wishlist!

Formal Occasion

This is fun, especially if you have some school dance photos to scrap. I have some of the posed pictures from when my friends and I went... way back in the day, LOL! I have been wanting to get them in a book and now I have to perfect cuts to compliment them.

All Sports

This is a pretty fun sports cartridge. I think I may break down and get this one too because Penny decided that she want to try soccer this spring. But I'm going to wait for a pretty good sale because there are so many others that I *need* night now!

I'll be back later today with MORE once the release is official! I also have a layout to post today too!


Shawnee said...

Okay there are several of those that are must haves. Thanks for the preview!!


Suzy said...

I *just* got New Arrival on ebay. No wishing I had held out. Have to have 'baby steps!'